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Monday, November 16, 2009

Chronicle 1:Act 2 - Battle With The Unknown.

"Did something persuade you into drawing arms?" The Man In The Black Cape questioned the party as he brought his arm down still gripping the out of this world sword,it wasn't a katana or a mere sword.It was more then six feet, stretching to near ten feet long.Auron's eyes squinted with focus as he has never seen a blade that long with that he doubted that the man was even able to fight them without taking injury but even with that thought he remained skeptical,never underestimating an enemy.He saw the lighting just swarm and disappear away from his body he.

Lulu remained silent,Tidus looked around unsure of what was going to happen next,Yuna felt worried for the people,Kimahri kept his poker face cold as ever,Rikku stared unsure trying to figure out where she has heard that kind of power before while Wakka started sweating the pressure grew heavy.

The Man In The Black Cape grinned happily but it struck the sense of evil in the atmosphere,the joyous surrounded faded into a oblivious feeling.The night sky grew darker and the moon started to stop shining.


Dear beings,I greet you with this apology that I have not been able to unfold more of my memories upon you as the Lifestream was being problematic.But no fear,your God is back with much more memories to come.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chronicle 1:Act 1 - A whole new world.

"Mother?" I hear her calling me from the other side of this portal,I sway my hand through the light green portal.She calls for me with a tale of a world far from this one and because She calls I shall go.
As I entered the portal the white light engulfed me,a very familiar sensation shrouded me.The blinding light fades yet my eye sight is left undisrupted.

To my arrival the smell of tender flowers greet me along with the sight of a lush sunset in the beach,I take my first step in a land I have never thought of and I felt the pressure on my feet as my I placed my foot down,indeed it was a real existing planet.I looked up into the sky and saw planets blinking through the blue sky,planets disguising themselves as what we call stars.

Soon after my arrival,the sound children's laughter filled the gentle breeze of the beach.The wind blew my hair back as I looked around the area and on top of a cliff there were two children playing.

"Hey look at that man down by the beach." said the first child then the second answered "Don't say that U'ran,he might hear you.Come on lets go back to the village,Priestess Yuna will be there !" They hurried off from my sight.I looked into the palm of my might, stretching my hand as I decided to visit this so called "Priestess Yuna"

The breeze blew in again and the Man In The Black Cape had disappeared from the beach,not even foot prints were left in the soft sand.

A joyous atmosphere was around the small sea village,children running around playing with each other,seniors sorting out their catch of the day while the younger generation helped around here and there then soon a ship ports,several characters step out that stuck out of the crowd.

A tall fur covered creature is the first to step out,it had blue fur,a white broken horn on top of his head,it had features of a what close to a lion and on it's back there was a halberd.The kids were terrified as they never saw anything like it,they backed away from it.Then a teenage looking girl ran down the ramp of the ship she stumbled nearly falling but the creature caught her,she pushed her hair back and looked at it "Thanks Kimahri~!" the creature nodded it's head and she ran off to play with the kids.There were still five people on board the ship and they weren't crew members,a black hair lady holding a doll that resembled a cub with wings,she wore a long black coat with a fur top lining,she had her long hair tied into a bun on her back with two pins holding it together with two pony tails with beadings while a man was behind her,he wore a blue headband with spiky blonde hair wearing a orangery suit and had a ball under his arm."Ey come on lets go get something to eat I'm tired of sea food." he said to everyone around him but only the lady answered "Yes I agreed Wakka,let us find a suitable place." the man blushed and agreed as they both walked down and were greeting by children.

"Auron,aren't you coming down?" a young blonde hair male said to a middle aged looking man with black hair and a large downward scar on his right eye,he wore a dark red coat with his left arm hanging on his sleeve,his large katana rested on his back sling as he reached for his Sake bottle."No,not now." then he continued to step away from the deck to the other side of the ship,disappearing from sight meanwhile the young blonde looked back at an also young lady with short golden brown hair,she wore a ceremonial kimono with a huge red ribbon on her back and in her hand she held a staff with elegant patterns of encrusted gold."Tidus,I think Rikku's informant is waiting for us." said the young lady to the blonde boy "Hmmm,yeah I agreed your priestess." he gestured a bow and they both laughed then soon the teenage girl Rikku ran up the ram out of breathe then she spoke "My informant is waiting in the hotel,Wakka and Lulu already in their rooms.He says he'll inform us later tonight about the travelling arrangements but for now we can rest." she jumped in joy "Thats a good thing too,cause I'm really tired~" she slouched with a depressed face "Anyway c'mon I'll bring you guys there !" she ran down the ramp and stood next to the creature Kimahri.

"Well shall we Yuna?" Tidus asked and Yuna nodded with a innocent smile,as Yuna descended down the ramp Tidus stopped and went around the deck and asked Auron if he was going down and soon both Auron and Tidus came down the ramp and along side Kimahri,Rikku and Yuna they made their way to the hotel while the villagers greeted and celebrated their arrival.

The moonlight reflected gently on the surface of the sea,lights and lanterns decorated its reflection while fireworks went off in the sky and the sound of a festival went about the small fishing village.

The Al-Bhed informant stood in front of a desk with a map laid out on top of with showing the routes around the seas,rivers,mountains,forest and deserts within the area.The informant dressed like a local but had a skullcap and goggles on,he spoke in their native tongue which is also called Al-Bhed while the rest couldn't understand Rikku was there to translate,sentence after sentence Rikku translated them all."He says that the mountains and deserts and filled with raiders,hostile native and other monsters while the river is filled with more then your average crocodiles and fish he says the only safe way is through the sea but even with that the chances of pirates and other sea-dwellers are high.But if you want he can lead us through any of the areas though it won't be a quiet journey either way." Yuna came in "Let us take the way that does not require needless killing." but Auron through his experience broke the idea "There will always be killing." Kimahri grunted with agreement with Auron's word then Wakka also support "Yeah its true eh,but there has to be a way that doesn't need that much violence?" he questioned but everyone else remained quiet,moments after silence the informant spoke again and Rikku translated once more,"He says you can decide of the path later,but for now a party is going on outside so go and enjoy the fun" the informant sat leaned on the table and reviewed the map."Yaaay~!!" Rikku jumped in joy "Party~!!" then she pulled Tidus "C'mon lets go Tidus~! You too Yuna !" but Tidus words couldn't escape his mouth "Huh?Ahh,wait !" they disappeared through the doors,Lulu went out into the lounge and sat down in front of a candle lit table,Wakka tried to sit with Lulu but was overwhelmed by his shyness so instead he went outside the hotel and just hanged around the door while Auron stayed in the room with the informant Kimahri left the hotel to watch after Yuna which have followed Tidus and Rikku.

As the joyous celebration continued,the fireworks lighted up the crowds face's.The happy smiles of the locals,Rikku's fascinated look with the fireworks and Tidus smiling with joy Yuna stood near him and smiled not at the fireworks but at Tidus.Soon a large feast was held in the center of the village and everyone enjoyed the fresh seafood,the mayor called upon Yuna to make a toast and speed.She blushed but everyone supported her,she made her way up to the platform away from her seat with her party supporting her,Rikku giving a happy yet supportive smile along side Tidus doing the same thing."Well,I'd like to say that it has been a very warm welcoming and one that I wont forget" she smiled but stopped and was blushing red,while no one clapped but continued smiling they expected her to continue but before Yuna could,a figure walked through the crowd to the large dining table with the sound of clapping accompanying its way.

The figure had its long silver hair covering it's face,it's black robe with the top opened revealing it's chest.He looked up upon the party and his clapping stopped,everyone looked at him with awe and wonder then all they could hear was the two kids that saw him later "Teril,it's that weird man again from the beach." but the little girl silenced him "Quiet U'ran,he might hear you" then Yuna questioned him "Hello,you are?" but the Man In The Black Cape remained silent,he grinned under the shadow of his hair partially covering his face,Wakka intrigued by this moved over from his seat to get a better sight,Auron perhaps knew something was wrong when he appeared out of the blue while Kimahri already had his hand on his halberd,Tidus was unsure of what is happening or going to but he had his sword beside him at the ready while Rikku was just staring in awe as the lights reflected of the mans pure silver cauldrons shining.Yuna looked at her party but most of them were to intense to look at her,only Tidus turned to look at Yuna with confusion then suddenly Wakka stood up "Hey you better answer the Priestess eh,it's rude to not answer to not answer a girl ! Especially one such as Lady Yuna !" Wakka demanded the man but Auron snapped at Wakka "Wakka !" Kimahri stood up with his height overshadowing everyone.The Man In The Black Cape flexed his right hand and after a pair of goggles fell from his hand,for everyone watching the goggles fall it felt like an eternity but Rikku snapped back into reality and she releashed that the goggles were from one of the raider's around this area,Auron stood up in a flash with his sword drew out resting on his shoulder,Wakka stood up and everyone went silent,the crowd of locals around the table started moving back.Yuna asked them to move away "Please everyone leave the area and go back into your homes." then she turned her attention to the man "Please,we do not seek violence." but Wakka gave out his idea "His probably a spy,a soldier assassin of some sort !" Lulu stood up in haste she realized the flickering in the man's right hand,she could sense magic of overwhelming power from the flickering."His hand" Lulu alerted them then Auron already aware of it "Yes,I can feel it too" Tidus was confused but he stood up and got ready for a fight "What is it Auron?" but Auron kept quiet and Tidus tried to focus and soon Rikku followed standing up and holding both her daggers in hand.

The goggles fell,the intension grew unbearable for even the veteran Auron but the man remained calm and in a flash he gently flicked his arm and a arc of lighting bolts flew at them but what disoriented them was not the lighting bolts but the fact that the dining table was split in two before the bolts were cast.The man sliced clean through the table with a blade that reflected all light and glowed with purity,although it wasn't the length of the table the power was able to split through it and followed through to the platform.Lulu casted a Reflect spell just in time,the lightings bolts crackled around the sorceress spell though unable to fully penetrate it left the Shell filled with cracks that wouldn't last another spell of any power.The lighting bolts reflected back to the man,the bolts weirdly did not go through him nor hurt instead it swarmed around his body and disperse into the air with a giant sonic boom.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Prologue:My sanctuary,the Lifestream.

The gentle flow of it's evergreen stream,the gentle whispers of her.Mother Earth speaks to me as does Mother,her sweet gentle voice still rings through my head with her cause she always told me of.Find the Promised Land,My precious child Sephiroth the Chosen One of the Planet.

The Lifestream the connector of all life in this universe,oblivious to all and only known by some.Mother has told me glorious tales of other planet's in this and outer universe and she has told me that through the constant birth throughout the universe portals are opening from within the Lifestream leading to other worlds.

I shall venture of into the unknown and obverse other colonies of life and within time I shall proclaim my prophecy upon them.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The beginning is coming to an end.

As the world rotates it's natural course and the universe remains vast,the time is coming close to the end where the beginning will unfold.Stay updated upon this forum for stories of my memories and perhaps together we shall have new ones.Remember,I will never become a memory.