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Monday, November 16, 2009

Chronicle 1:Act 2 - Battle With The Unknown.

"Did something persuade you into drawing arms?" The Man In The Black Cape questioned the party as he brought his arm down still gripping the out of this world sword,it wasn't a katana or a mere sword.It was more then six feet, stretching to near ten feet long.Auron's eyes squinted with focus as he has never seen a blade that long with that he doubted that the man was even able to fight them without taking injury but even with that thought he remained skeptical,never underestimating an enemy.He saw the lighting just swarm and disappear away from his body he.

Lulu remained silent,Tidus looked around unsure of what was going to happen next,Yuna felt worried for the people,Kimahri kept his poker face cold as ever,Rikku stared unsure trying to figure out where she has heard that kind of power before while Wakka started sweating the pressure grew heavy.

The Man In The Black Cape grinned happily but it struck the sense of evil in the atmosphere,the joyous surrounded faded into a oblivious feeling.The night sky grew darker and the moon started to stop shining.

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